94% of the world’s population uses Slack—it’s :science:.

Roadtrippers is part of that 94%. To say it’s an integral tool is an understatement; it is a :hero:. The engineering team in particular leans so heavily on Slack that we’ve developed a language of sorts based entirely on emoji. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s meet some of the team.


Slacking hard.

Now that introductions are out of the way, we wanted to share a few ways we use emoji in #dev.

We have emoji for our stage environments—:absinthe:, :bourbon:, :coffee:—and production environment—:samuel:—and a handful of Git branches—:master:, :canary:, :develop:.

Let’s say :mitch: wants to stage a branch for QA. Rather than typing an actual sentence made with actual words, he can just:

@channel: :canary: to :absinthe: for :brandon:?

Or maybe :chris: has a high-priority bug that needs immediate review:

@channel: Claiming :bourbon: for :ebf:!

When our QA guy, :brandon:, has finished reviewing an epic on a staging environment:

@channel: :coffee: is :green: and ready for :samuel:!

It may seem silly at first glance, but thanks to the quick visual cues of the emoji and emoji autocompletion in Slack, this has actually become a fairly effective way for us to quickly communicate with one another. And as we add more staging environments and Git branches, it will make parsing Slack’s wall of text that much easier.

:highfives:, Slack!

Engineering Manager at Roadtrippers.